Broadcasting means sending the same message to all users of the platform or to a specific segment which can be defined by customer tags or attributes.

Broadcasts are channel-specific in Activechat. That means that if you have a single bot with two different channels connected (Facebook Messenger and Telegram, for example), broadcasts for each of these channels should be sent separately.

1. Open the “Conversations – Broadcasts” menu on the left to find the list of your previous broadcasts (it will be empty when you start a new chatbot). Click “Create broadcast” to create a new one from scratch, or click “Re-use” in the list of previous broadcasts to copy its settings.

2. Select the broadcasting channel (Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twilio SMS, or website chat widget). Your broadcast will be delivered only to chatbot users on this channel. If broadcasting on Facebook, select the appropriate message tag from the list.

3. Build your message in the editor. You can add a picture and up to 3 buttons to your message. Please note that buttons will be attached to the text part of the message, and the picture will be sent immediately after it. This is done to prevent potential issues when delivering messages outside the 24-hour window on Facebook (most important content comes first).

Preview your message on the left. Once you’re satisfied with the result, click “Send now” or “Schedule for later” to put your broadcast in the queue.

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