Chatbot buttons are the most common method of providing navigation in decision-tree chatbots. They are available in the majority of conversation channels (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, etc).

Please note that buttons have certain limitations. For example, on Facebook Messenger, you can have a maximum of 3 buttons per message and the length of each button is limited to 20 characters including smileys.

There are three button types in Activechat:

  • Event buttons will trigger a specific chatbot event when clicked by the user. This is primarily used for navigation purposes – clicking a button will launch a specific skill in your chatbot conversation. There are two types of event buttons in Activechat:

    • “Trigger event” will launch another chatbot skill by sending an event

    • “Launch block” buttons can be used to launch specific blocks in the same skill

  • URL buttons will open a website – either in a webview or in the new browser window (if used in website chat widget)

  • Phone call buttons will start a phone call (on mobile devices) to the specified phone number

You can mix different button types in the same block.

Use “+” sign in block editor to add buttons of various types:

Check our Building Chatbot Conversations manual for more details on using buttons to trigger skills and launch block sequences.

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