Building an advanced WooCommerce chatbot is really easy with Activechat. Your whole inventory of products, categories, tags, and variations is easily accessible from the chatbot flow builder, and the best part of it is that you do not have to build your product galleries manually – everything can be achieved with dynamic galleries. You can dynamically generate offers for your chatbot users based on their previous conversations or purchase history.

Combined with website tracking and system events that are triggered on order updates and shopping cart actions, this allows you to build really engaging conversations with your customers.

Connecting chatbot to WooCommerce store

WooCommerce chatbot integration is easily achieved with Activechat’s native WordPress plugin and one-click WooCommerce connection. The connection takes just two simple steps (you can perform both, or choose the one that suits your use case best):

  • Install the WordPress plugin to enable the website tracking feature and display the chatbot in the chat widget on your e-commerce store pages.

  • Connect Activechat to WooCommerce API to enable dynamic product galleries and shopping cart events.

We’ve already described the plugin installation (click here for a detailed manual), so let’s look into the API connection step.

For the connection to work, there is a couple of pre-requisites. Make sure your WooCommerce installation has everything in place before continuing:

  • Your WooCommerce website should use a secure connection protocol (HTTPS). This is a must nowadays anyway, and security certificates are easily available from hosting companies and third-party providers (both paid and free).

  • Smart permalinks (“pretty permalinks”) should be enabled in the WordPress settings. Go to “Settings – Permalinks” in your WordPress admin panel to fix this.

  • Legacy REST API access should be enabled in the WooCommerce settings. Go to “WooCommerce – Settings – Advanced – Legacy API” to check that setting.

Once these pre-requisites are in place, go back to Activechat, open “Settings – Integrations” in the main chatbot menu on the left, and click the gear icon in the “WooCommerce” tile.

Paste your store URL in the “WooCommerce store URL” field and click “Connect”. You will be redirected to your website for authentication.

WooCommerce authentication window will pop up. Enter your WordPress administrator credentials (e-mail and password) and click “Login”. After you log in, another window will ask for permission to access your store by Activechat. Click “Approve”.

Once approved, you will be taken back to Activechat, and the integration settings window will display the list of products, categories, and variations from your WooCommerce store, together with available payment and shipping options (you will need it later to push actual chatbot orders into the WooCommerce back-end).

Now the connection is active, and you can use e-commerce chatbot blocks to access your store data in your chatbot skills.

E-commerce blocks

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