Tracking website actions

Sending page-specific messages when users navigate through your website is cool, but you can achieve even more with event tracking. Just use a simple Javascript code snippet to trigger events when your website visitors perform specific actions:

  • click a button

  • scroll to a certain place in the webpage

  • watch a video

  • add products to the shopping cart

  • etc

To use this feature you have to install website tracking pixel first. Once it’s in place, use this simple Javascript for event tracking:

activechat.track('<PUT YOUR EVENT NAME HERE>', { 
    param1: "1234",
    param2: "abc" 

When this code is executed (for example, with “onclick” or “onscroll” event handlers), Activechat will trigger an event that you specified in <PUT YOUR EVENT NAME HERE> and attributes $param1 and $param2 will be set to the specified values for this user.

Create a skill in your virtual assistant that will start on this event, and your bot will immediately send a message in the website chat widget (either Facebook Messenger or Activechat widget).

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