This skill is triggered when a run-time error happens during the execution of your virtual assistant skill. Most of the conversation building blocks in Activechat have a separate "ERROR" node that will be triggered when there's an error associated with this block, but to make error handling easier we introduced a universal system event that will be fired on errors automatically if there are no blocks connected to the "ERROR" exit in a faulty block.

The reasons for these errors can be different. The most common are:

  • bad response from an external API triggered by the JSON block

  • bad response from the Google Cloud API in one of our Google Calendar or Google Sheets integrations

  • math errors (like dividing by zero) in the DATA block

  • etc

Default error handling

By default, the '_error' skill will pause the flow execution, notify the user about the error (the most recent error message is always stored in the $_last_error system attribute), and notify you as bot admin through the email.

Read more about handling run-time errors in chatbot flows in our Handling errors guide.

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