User tags and segments

User tags provide a quick and easy method of segmenting your live chat users and conversations. You can add and remove tags automatically by using specific blocks in the virtual assistant skill, or manually in the customer profile in the live chat CRM. Later, these tags can be used to segment your customers when broadcasting messages.

By default, tags are shown only in the user's profile. You can turn on tags displayed in the audience overview by flipping the "Show tags" switch on top.

Manual tagging

To assign or remove a tag to a specific user, the agent should open that user's profile in the CRM. The tags can be found in the user profile column on the right, and adding/removing them is quite straightforward:

Automated tagging

Let’s look into a simple example of tagging feature. Imagine that you’re building a lead generation bot for a marketing agency and you want to segment your users into two categories – those who requested a quote (let’s call them “warm leads”) and those who were checking your portfolio (let’s call them “cold leads”).

First, let’s use ADD TAG block to tag “cold” leads immediately after they trigger the “portfolio” skill:

Adding a tag to the chatbot user

Now, when users interact with that skill, they will be tagged as “cold” leads. Don’t forget to toggle the “Show tags” switch in the "Conversations" menu to display it:

Later, if the same user is requesting a quote through the chatbot, you can tag him/her as “warm” lead, removing the “cold” tag at the same time with REMOVE TAG block:

You can use tags when doing broadcasts to segment your broadcast recipients.

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