Connect your Google account

To use Google Sheets and Google Calendar with Activechat, you’ll need to connect your Google account first. The connection is bot-specific, so you will be able to use different Google accounts in different chatbots within the same account in Activechat.

To connect your chatbot to your Google account, visit “Settings – Integrations” in the bot menu on the left.

Click the gear icon in the “Google” integrations tile and click “Connect” to open the authentication window.

1. Choose the account that you’d like to use.

2. Click “Allow” on the next step to confirm the connection. We at Activechat take your privacy very seriously and you can be sure that your data will be safe. We never do any changes to your file in Google Drive and the connection is protected with RSA security.

Once you do this, the settings window will display the list of your Google assets (like sheets or calendars). Click “Refresh” when you add new files to make them available to your chatbot or click “Disconnect” to cancel the connection.

Now you can access your Google Sheets and Calendars from the conversation building blocks in the visual chatbot editor.

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