Lead generation is one of the most frequent use cases for chatbots. Activechat allows you to send lead data (names, emails, and phone numbers) in a variety of different ways (e-mail notifications, Google Sheets, Zapier/Integromat integrations, direct chatbot messages, etc), but the easiest one is the LEAD block.

When added to the conversation flow, the LEAD block will send a notification message with specified data to your account e-mail. It does not require setting SMTP credentials (the emails are sent from the Activechat address) and is extremely easy to use.

Once this block is executed, you will find something like this in your mailbox (don’t forget to add noreply@activechat.ai to your “trusted senders” list):

Click “Open conversations” to go to the history of communication between this user (lead) and your chatbot.

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