Question answering and live chat hints

By default, every new project that you create will be using 100% automated responses extracted from the business knowledge that you provided. This is done in the "default" skill by using a specific JSON endpoint to generate these responses.

If you do not want to use the automated question answering feature, choose "None" in the "AI engine" part of the general settings for your project. This will disable the model responses, and prioritize the natural language understanding engine instead.

How to use AI text responses in bot skills

If you want to build your own question answering logic, you can pull automated responses by the JSON block and use them in your skill. Each response will populate your bot attributes with three substantial values:

  • $_ai_response_text - the actual response generated by the AI. You can display this text in any TEXT block.

  • $_ai_response_score - the response score (from 0 to 1), showing how confident the model is in this response. Responses scored below 0.35 should be treated with care, since they may be unrelevant.

  • $_ai_response_link - a link to a web page or document that was used to generate this response. You can use this to display a "More info" button, for example, to take your users to a specific part of your website.

Here's a simple example from the "default" skill that shows how these values can be used:

How to use AI generated hints for the live chat

When you have AI engine enabled in your bot settings ("Settings - General", shown above), pulling the "show AI hints" tab in the live chat will open a tab where AI-generated text will be shown for every message sent by the customer.

Read more about AI hints for live chat here

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