Install the chat widget

To start actual conversations between your customers and your virtual and human agents, you need to install the chat widget on your website (and/or connect your agent to Facebook Messenger or any other channel).

Step 1 – install pixel code

Once you install Activechat pixel on your website, we’ll start tracking website events (for example, specific page visits and other actions by your customers).

If you are using WordPress please skip to this section. Otherwize, follow these easy steps:

1. Go to the "Settings – Channels" in the menu on the left and click on the gear icon in the Website Chat panel.

2. Type in your website address and click “Validate” to get the code.

3. Copy the code and paste it anywhere in the <body> section of your website HTML.

4. Visit any page on your website, then click “Check installation” to make sure the code is working. If everything is OK, it will display the time when your pixel was last active.

You can also forward installation instructions to your developer or website designer – just type his/her address in the “Developer’s email address” field and click “Send”.

Step 2 – choose the chat widget type

Once the pixel code is installed and active, you can go to your chatbot settings to select the type of chat widget displayed.

Activechat supports both native HTML chat widget and Facebook chat widget (if your bot is connected to Facebook page).

Both have their pros and cons. The Facebook chat widget will require Facebook authentication for your bot users to be able to talk to your chatbot. Not everyone loves this, but once your bot starts a conversation on your website, it will be able to continue on Facebook Messenger even after the user leaves your site. Actually, you get lead data with every new conversation and you will be able to broadcast marketing messages later.

Native Activechat widget does not require any authentication, but messages will be delivered only while your users are on the website. The conversation is persistent, i.e. it will continue when the same user visits your website again (it’s cookie-based, so it will depend on the browser and device).

To choose the type of chat widget on your website, go to your bot Settings – General and open the “Chat widget” section. Choose either “Activechat widget” or “Facebook messenger” or even no widget at all.

Both widgets can be customized in terms of colors, messages, and font sizes. Check these two links for more details:

How to customize Activechat native chat widget

How to customize Activechat Facebook Messenger widget

How to install pixel and website chatbot with WordPress plugin

WordPress users can easily add website chatbot functionality with Activechat plugin. Here is how:

1. Visit your WordPress dashboard and go to “Plugins” section. Click “Add new”.

2. Type “Activechat” in the search box. “ chatbots and live chat” plugin will appear in the search.

3. Click “Install now” and then “Activate”.

4. New item “” will appear in your WordPress dashboard menu on the left. Click it to set up.

5. Go to your bot settings in the Activechat dashboard and open the “Advanced settings” section. There will be a bot ID in the bottom right section. Click the icon to copy it to your clipboard.

6. Go back to your WordPress dashboard ( settings) and paste the ID to connect this bot to your website. Click “Connect”.

7. Select the type of chat widget to use (Activechat native or Facebook Messenger). Click “Update” and you’re done!

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