This block is used to escalate your automated conversation to a live agent. You can assign chats to any available agent, or limit it to agents with a specific tag or even a specific agent.
A simple example of live chat assignment
Once this block is triggered, it will display the “Escalation message” defined in the block’s settings to the user and assign a new chat to one of your team members with “Live chat agent” permission. The team member will get a notification about the new incoming chat and can start talking to a customer.
Once the conversation is done, the agent should close it by choosing one of your chatbot skills to run. We advise you to use a pre-made skill that will ask your customer for some feedback about the service quality, but it’s completely up to you as a conversation designer.
Agents can choose a skill to run after the live chat session
There’s no need to connect anything to the exit of the “LIVE CHAT” block – once the live chat is done, your virtual agent will get back to default automated conversations and new messages from the same customer will trigger the “default” skill again.