E-commerce NLP

When you enable both e-commerce and NLP integrations, you can push data from your online store into the NLP engine to create intents and entities automatically.

The feature is available both for Shopify and WooCommerce integrations.

Open “Settings – Integrations” in the main menu on the left and click the gear icon in the Shopify or WooCommerce tile. Note the “Push to Dialogflow” button in the top right corner:

When you click that button (don’t forget to connect your Dialogflow agent first!), Activechat will create entities in your agent for products and categories in your e-commerce store, and a sample “Show category” intent to search for a specific product category.

You can customize this intent for your preferred training phrases, and use @product and @category entities in other intents that will trigger specific skills in your chatbot.

Notice that Activechat is using product and category IDs as reference values for the entities. It allows you to use entity value as a search parameter in PRODUCT and CATEGORY blocks when building conversations.

Don’t forget to add extra utterances for various products in the entity description to help AI detect specific products in natural language searches that your customers are doing.

Here’s a simple example of the natural language e-commerce product search utilizing the entities created automatically from the store inventory:

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