Facebook Ads automation

Chatbots and virtual assistants are great tools to run Facebook Ads, due to a whole bunch of features that are hard (or almost impossible!) to achieve with other ads media.

  • You can interact with each customer personally from the very first touch

  • You do not have to wait until customer signs up or registers to count him/her as a lead – even if the purchase is not made immediately, you have customer data and can interact to convert later

  • Interaction cost for “Send to Messenger” type of ads is usually 20% to 60% lower than with other CTAs

  • You can easily customize and fine-tune lead conversations to get the most of it for each campaign/ad and customer segment

  • You can build unique conversations for each of your ads to make it relevant to the offer you make.

Let’s dive into setting up Facebook Ads Chatbot with Activechat.ai Visual Chatbot Builder to see how easy it can be.

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