Shopping carts

Shopping carts are a substantial part of any e-commerce experience, and with Activechat you can use either of two available solutions. First, you can use our native chatbot shopping cart technology to build shopping carts right in the chatbot conversations and then push the cart data to your Shopify or WooCommerce backend. Another option is to rely on the native Shopify or WooCommerce shopping cart and use the chatbot only to prevent cart abandonment and display product recommendations.

The choice is completely yours and will depend upon your use case and the current state of your e-commerce store.

In this part of the manual, we’ll be looking into chatbot shopping cart building blocks that can be used to add products to cart and push the cart data into e-commerce back-end.

Shopping carts in Activechat are actually dynamic galleries that store data about products your customers are adding to the cart. You can use visual chatbot building blocks to add products to the cart, update the quantity, clear cart, display it to the user as a gallery and convert the cart into the actual order in your e-commerce back-end.

Please note that shopping cart blocks can be used even if you do not have your Shopify or WooCommerce store connected. The connection is required only to push order data into the store back-end, but this is not necessary and you can build a full-featured e-commerce chatbot just with Google Sheets chatbot integration.

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