Creating and updating events

Creating new events

In order to create an event, you will want to use the GC-CREATE block. It is somewhat similar to GC-SEARCH in terms of settings, however, it has some additional fields to fill in.

Time and date

Similar to GC-SEARCH, you will want to set up start and end time, start and end date in the corresponding fields. For that, you can use the same attributes you've used during the search.


Here you can set up the event titile, for example, "Demo call with ActiveChat COO" or "$_first_name $_last_name <> ActiveChat introduction". This will briefly describe the purpose of the event and be displayed in yours and the user's calendar.

Creator email

Here you can set an email of the end user that will receive the event invitation. The $_email attribute will work great, especially if the user is logged into your website; if not, a custom $user_email attribute will work better. Don't forget to request the user's email before creating the event!

Time zone

Same as with the GC-SEARCH block, here you will need to specify your calendar's time zone, "2" for GMT+2, "-3" for GMT-3, and similar.


Here will be some more detailed information about the event. You can pre-fill it with a default description, add your contact details, links to reschedule, etc or leave it out if the description is not necessary.

Editing existing events

To edit an existing event, change title, description, the invitee, or reschedule, you will want to use GC-UPDATE.

Parameters in the GC-UPDATE block are exactly the same as in GC-CREATE, with the oly addition of the "Remove" parameter.

  • Remove set to "true" will remove the event from the calendar if you want to cancel it completely;

  • Remove set to "false" will update the existing event with the new information specified in the block settings.

Please note that in order to update or remove a specific event, time, date and the event's name have to match what's in the calendar word for word!


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