Navigating skills

The number of skills in a complex chatbot can easily reach dozens and even hundreds. Activechat makes it easy to build complex conversations, combining these skills together with events, but navigating skills and events can be challenging.

When working with the visual chatbot builder, you can have multiple skills open at the same time in the tabs at the top of the screen. Please note that closing any of these tabs does not delete the skill, but just hides it from the visual editor. If you need to re-open any of your skills, just click its name in the drop-down list in the top left corner.

Closing the skill tab by clicking the "X" sign DOES NOT delete the skill (exactly as closing the tab in your browser does not delete a website that is displayed there)!

If you need to delete a skill, right-click its tab name and select “Delete” from the menu.

Events are the fuel that runs your chatbots. There are at least seven different system events in Activechat, and on top of that, you can add dozens of your own – to trigger specific skills or perform small repetitive tasks.

Events are broadcasted by the SEND blocks, and you can have multiple CATCH blocks listening to the same event in various parts of your chatbot conversation. How do you find them in the visual builder?

Just click the “Open skill” button in the SEND block. It will open the list of all CATCH blocks listening to the event this block is triggering. Click on the skill name in this list to open that skill in the visual builder.

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