Conversation insights

The quality of your customer service automation will depend mostly on how good your virtual agent is at guessing the customer’s intent. It’s important to monitor the agent’s performance regularly to check which phrases your customers are using to express their intentions.

To help with that, we’ve built Insights – an AI-based tool to help you fill your intents with actual phrases that your customers are using.

You can extract insights from actual conversations that happen in your agent or import phrases from text files and other live chat platforms like Zendesk, Intercom, Freshdesk, or Livechat.

Go to the “Automation – Insights” menu and choose the source for your insights. If you select “Chat history”, choose the date range also – it will limit the analysis to specific dates. Depending on the volume of conversations that you have, this should be done on a weekly or daily basis. Please remember – the more training phrases you add to your Intents, the better your bot will be at guessing similar phrases used by customers to specify the same intent.

If you’re already using another live chat tool, you can import conversation transcripts as plain text files (one customer’s message per line). For Zendesk users, we support native Zendesk transcripts export format. Here are some text files from various domains to help you get started and experiment with this feature:

Once you choose the file (or the date range for chat history) and click “Get insights”, Activechat will process the data and group similar phrases into specific topics automatically. All that’s left to do then is choose some phrases (or even topics as a whole) and add these phrases to specific intents, repeating as necessary. This will make your agent smarter, and similar phrases will be triggering that intent from now on.

Once you choose some phrases and click the “Add selected to intent” button, select the intent where you want these phrases to be added to (or hit “New intent” to create one), choose the intent in the tree on the left, and click “Add to intent” again. This will launch the bot training process, and in a couple of moments, your bot will get smarter!

Repeat this process as needed, until most of the phrases your customers use are assigned to some intent and automated.

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