Using live chat AI hints

Onboarding new members of your live chat team can be challenging. Customers often ask questions that require specific knowledge, and building a unified experience across every agent can be complicated.

Activechat can help your human agents to find the right words for every customer.

Once you describe the context of your business in plain natural language and provide a couple of example questions and answers that your human live chat agents may encounter in their day-to-day conversations with customers, we can use the power of GPT-3 (advanced text generation model developed by California-based OpenAI) and other machine learning models to provide instant hints to your agents to help them answer almost any question that a customer may have.

Setting up the context

Go to the “Settings – Integrations” menu and click the gear icon in the “GPT-3” tab. Describe the conversations that your business does in plain natural language. Here’s an example for the bike shop:

This is a conversation between a website visitor and a smart virtual assistant. The conversations are happening across various pages of the website that is selling bicycles, and virtual assistant can answer all kinds of questions about various bike brands and models and help choose the right one according to description made by the visitor.

Now, add three question-answer pairs that your agents may encounter most frequently.

Q: What’s the difference between a carbon and regular bike? A: The primary difference between carbon and aluminum comes down to weight and ride quality. Carbon frames are usually a bit lighter than aluminum — up to a pound for mountain frames and up to a half-pound on road frames.

Q: How much does a good bike cost? A: Road bikes range between $350 and $700, Mountain bikes around $1000, Single-speed bike – $400, Beach cruiser $200-300, Recumbent bike $1000-2000, and Kids’ bike (3-8 yrs) will be $140-200.

Q: How do I service my bike? A: You should regularly service your bike to ensure it is running efficiently and that there are no worn or damaged components. The more you ride the bike the more frequent you should be servicing it, especially after riding in dirt, sand, mud and in the rain.

Basically, that’s it! Now your agents can pull the “AI hints” tab in their live chat interface, and Activechat will be suggesting the most appropriate response to every message that your customers are sending. All your agents have to do now is click a hint, edit it (if necessary), and send it to the customer. Canned responses, new level!

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