Upload the knowledge

Organizing your business knowledge and transforming that knowledge into meaningful conversations has never been easier. All we need from you is a link to your website or knowledge base, or even a set of documents in PDF or DOCX.

Once you upload that data, we create a custom automated AI advisor that can respond to questions based on this data. These automated conversations can happen across your website, on social media, or even through SMS or phone calls.

Supported types of knowledge

We can extract valuable information from any kind of textual documents that you provide. Some examples are:

  • URL links (websites, product descriptions, storefronts, F.A.Q.s, self-service portals, etc)

  • PDF or DOCX files (marketing materials, books, S.O.P.s, manuals, etc)

  • conversation logs (live chat transcriptions from Hubspot, Zendesk, or other platform)

How do I upload it?

Open the "Automation - Knowledge" link in your project settings.

Most probably, there will already be some bits of knowledge that you uploaded during the sign-up process. Now hit the "Add file" or "Add URL" button to add more.

Each individual PDF or DOCX file should be less than 4Mb in size. Contact us directly if you need to process larger file.

Once you're done with adding the data, click the "Train the model" button in the top right corner. This will start the fine-tuning process, which usually lasts a couple of hours, and when it's complete we'll send you a notofication email.

For URL links, we'll be recursively parsing up to 5 link levels down, but only within the original enclosing folder. So, "https://mycompany.com" will parse all your website, but "https://mycompany.com/blog" will parse only your blog articles.

Contact us if you need to scan more data or have a custom website access rules (password protected, for example).

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