Messenger links and QR codes

Chatbot messenger links allow you to direct your chatbot users to specific skills in the chatbot and set specific attribute values when conversations start.

Regular links to your chatbot on Facebook Messenger and Telegram can be found under the “Test your chatbot” button in the visual builder. These links will start your chatbot conversation from the “start” skill.

But sometimes you need deep links to start specific skills in your chatbot – this can be used for marketing campaigns, particular use cases, etc. Also, it’s nice to have an option to set specific attribute values when conversations are started – for example, to check which ad campaign your users come from or set the language for multi-language projects.

Deep-linking to specific bot skills

In this case, go to “Settings – Grow tools” in the main menu and click on the “Messenger link and code” tab. Click the gear icon to set deep link parameters – event to start a specific chatbot skill and attribute values.

If you have your chatbot connected to multiple messaging channels, you will be able to choose the channel you want to use for that deep link.

Click the blue “Get link and code” button to generate the link (it will be displayed on top of the settings window). You can click the “copy” icon to copy the generated link to the clipboard.

When users click the link, Activechat will set attribute values and execute the specified event, starting the conversation from the skill that is associated with this event.

QR codes

For each messenger link that you create, Activechat generates a QR code. You can use this code in various marketing materials (leaflets, print ads, merchandise, etc) to help your customers engage with your business.

Scan the code below with your mobile phone camera to see how it works! (Note the custom message in the widget).

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