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Now everything is in place and you're ready to start actual conversations with your website visitors or customers. Go to the "Conversations" page in the menu to open the built-in live chat automation CRM.

Here you can see all your website visitors and conversations that you have with them. Use the "Display" switch to show either "Leads" (these are website visitors that did not respond to any of your messages yet) or "Conversations" (these are users who sent at least one message).

By default, an overview of your audience is being shown. The list displays the user’s full name (from $_first_name and $_last_name system attributes), communication channel (Facebook Messenger, Telegram, SMS, or website chat widget), the total number of messages sent, dates when this specific user interacted with your virtual agent or human rep for the first and last time, and user’s status (“Active” or “Unsubscribed”, changed with the STATUS block).

Please note that until you set $_first_name and $_last_name attributes with a DATA block (for example, when the user authenticates on your website), the CRM will display a generated fake name for that user.

By default, the list does not show user tags (we did that intentionally since there can be quite a lot of them). Toggle “Show tags” switch to add tags to the display.

You can select multiple users by ticking a checkbox on the left and then delete their data completely with the “DELETE” button (use with caution, it’s not undoable) – good for GDPR compliance and for cleaning out your customer base.

Click any user name on the list to open the detailed conversation history view. It displays the complete conversation history of your agents (both human and virtual) with that user.

We'll look into this workspace in more detail in the Managing conversations section of this manual. For now, just hit the "Start chat" button at the bottom to start a live chat session with the selected user. If you're just testing the installation, you can start a live chat session with yourself - hit the "Test your chatbot" button at the top and CRM will show you this conversation too.

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