Landing pages

For each chatbot that you create in Activechat, there are two landing pages that you can send your visitors to. One is a simple landing page that redirects your users to messenger channels (Facebook Messenger or Telegram), and another is a full-screen version of the website chat widget where actual conversations can happen.

It means that you do not even need a website to run your chatbot – you can send your visitors to the landing page and start interacting with them immediately.

To get the links to your chatbot landing pages, go to the “Marketing – Grow tools” in the main menu and click the “Landing pages” tab.

Chat widget landing page

Actually, the chat widget landing page is a full-screen version of your website chat widget. To customize it, follow the instructions on customizing the chat widget.

A lot of Activechat customers use chat widget landing pages for lead generation and even for e-commerce sales – it saves time required to install the widget to the website (or even time to create the website itself!)

Also, a chat widget landing page can be a nice way to demo your chatbot to the customer before setting it up on the actual production website.

Messengers landing page

Messengers landing page can act as an intermediary between your traffic sources and actual conversations happening with your human or virtual agents.

This landing page can act as an intermediary between your traffic source (for example, Google Ads campaign) and an actual conversation with your chatbot on Messenger.

A lot of ad networks prohibit the use of Facebook Messenger or Telegram links as ad destinations, so you will need a landing page to redirect that traffic to your chatbot.

When you click the gear icon in the “Landing page – Messenger” tile, a window will pop up where you can set the title and description of your landing page. This will be combined with your chatbot graphic avatar (from “Settings – General”) to create a simple landing page with buttons that redirect users to your chatbot on Facebook Messenger or on Telegram (choose which channels to include in the landing page with toggles in the settings window).

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