How to customize the chat widget

Activechat's website chat widget is very flexible in terms of customization and features.

Go to “Settings – General” in the chatbot menu (on the left) and open the “Chat widget” tab. Choose “Activechat widget” and click the gear icon in the top right corner of this tile to open the settings window.

This will open the chat widget customization panel.

You can configure a number of options here:

  • Theme color – sets the main color scheme for the widget

  • Message font size – changes the font size in the widget

  • Header text color – sets the color of the text in the chat widget header

  • Voice input – enables or disables voice input feature (beta, works only in Google Chrome, not available on mobile)

  • Remove branding – removes “Conversations by Activechat” text in the chat widget header. Available on Team and Company plans only.

  • Customize lock input message – allows you to set your own message that is displayed instead of the message entry box if user input was disabled in the LISTEN block. Defaults to “Please choose one of the options above”.

  • Reset to default theme – resets all settings to their default values.

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