Copying skills and blocks

Sometimes, you will have repetitive parts in your conversations that are almost the same – just slightly different.

Duplicating skills

If it’s the whole skill that you want to duplicate, just right-click its tab name and select “Duplicate” from the menu. A copy of the skill will be created, but it will be listening to the same initiating event. So if you run your chatbot immediately and trigger that event, these two skills will run in parallel, and messages will be doubled.

To avoid message duplication, change the event name in the CATCH block that starts the skill immediately after you duplicate it.

Duplicating blocks

You can duplicate blocks easily too – right-click the block and select “Duplicate”. Please note that this will duplicate all settings in the block editor except images uploaded to the GALLERY and IMAGE block – these will have to be re-uploaded.

Copying and pasting

When you want to copy multiple blocks at once, use the clipboard to copy and paste. Select multiple blocks on the canvas (by holding keyboard Shift and dragging around with the mouse), right-click and select “Copy to clipboard”. Now you can right-click anywhere in the free space on the canvas (either in the same skill or in any other skill in the same chatbot) and select “Paste from clipboard” from the menu.

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