This block is used to send text messages with (optional) buttons attached.

Currently, we support three types of chatbot buttons:

  • “launch block” buttons to connect other blocks in the same skill

  • event buttons to trigger events in other skills

  • URL buttons to open websites

  • phone buttons to initiate phone calls on mobile devices

Please note that Facebook Messenger supports only three buttons in each text message, while Telegram can have more. Buttons are not supported for SMS conversations. If you add more than 3 buttons, on the Facebook Messenger channel only the first three will be rendered.

It’s important to note that any input field (message text and button names, links, and destinations) can contain both text and variables (attributes). Variables will be rendered into actual values in real-time. Using variables as button labels is useful to create dynamic buttons that can change depending on user input or other criteria. In the example below, we’re using the $_first_name system variable to add the name of the user to our message.

And this is how it will be rendered in messenger:

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