Chatbots are great for growing your online shop revenue. Before Activechat, complex e-commerce chatbot integrations were hard to develop and required tons of manual work. Luckily, this is the past. Now you can connect your Shopify chatbot in just a couple of mouse clicks and build an advanced conversation that will help sell your products and better serve your customers – all that in less than a day.

Shopify chatbot integration

Advanced e-commerce chatbot integrations allow you to build dynamic galleries with products and categories from your Shopify store, and also enable shopping cart functionality to collect orders from your chatbot users.

To connect your Activechat chatbot to your Shopify store, go to “Settings – Integrations” in the main menu on the left. Click the gear icon in the “Shopify” tile.

Type your Shopify store URL in the box and click “Connect”. You will be taken to the authentication page, and once you enter your Shopify credentials, a confirmation page will appear, asking you to grant Activechat Shopify app permission to access your store data. Click “Install app” to confirm.

You will be taken to the chatbot that can help you with setting up your bot. You can skip this step and go back to Activechat to build your chatbot visually. All e-commerce chatbot blocks will be available now to help you with this.

If you check Shopify integration settings again, a complete inventory of your store should be available there – products, categories, and product variations. These can be used to build dynamic product galleries in the chatbot conversation.

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