Website chat widget

Having a chatbot on your website is a must-have feature for many chatbot developers. Activechat has a built-in website chat widget that can be used on your website pages. It can work either with Facebook Messenger or with a stand-alone widget that will not require Facebook authentication from your chatbot users.

Please note that the Facebook Messenger chat widget will display the “Get started” button to new visitors who did not interact with your chatbot before, thus reducing the ability of the bot to send proactive page-specific messages. Facebook Messenger Policy does not allow automatic messages before users start a conversation with the chatbot explicitly. If you would like to send page-specific messages, it’s advised to use Activechat’s native website chat widget.

Setting up a website chat widget is easy and straightforward, just follow the links below for detailed info.

pageInstall the chat widgetpageHow to customize the chat widgetpageHow to customize the Facebook chat widget

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