This block can be used to trigger certain flows in your chatbot periodically – be it seconds, hours, days, or months.

Connect blocks that you’d like to run regularly to the hourglass button, set initial delay, repetition interval and your sequence will be triggered at set intervals. You can also limit the maximum number of repetitions.

Note that the TIMER block is different from other blocks in Activechat since it has an “entry” button – STOP. It is used to stop the timer by external events or user actions. The example above shows the timer being stopped by the user command triggering an event “unsubscribe”. The timer in the example above is started by another CATCH block, listening to the “subscribe” event (this can be triggered with a button or NLP intent).

Please also note that after the timer is initialized it immediately calls the next block (the one that is connected next to it in the flow, it’s a TEXT block in the example above). When you are planning your flow try to avoid issues with multiple blocks messaging the user simultaneously.

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