Searching for specific users

When you need to find a specific conversation or send a mass messaging campaign (broadcast) to a particular segment of your customers, filtering the Conversations list will help.

The filter resides in the top part of your CRM page and allows you to create multiple search criteria.

The example above shows how to search for all customers with the "client" tag.

If you need to find a specific customer, searching by attribute value would help. For example, to find a customer by their phone number you could use the $_phone attribute.

You can search both system attributes and custom attributes, and use a number of different conditions:

ConditionCan be applied to


Strings and numbers

"is not equal"

Strings and numbers


Strings and numbers

"does not contain"

Strings and numbers

>, <, >=, <=

Numbers only

Here's another example, searching by the customer's first name:

To add new attributes to the search, just hit the "Add attribute" button and start typing the attribute name (or any of its parts) in the drop-down list. Once you see the required attribute name, click it to add it to the filter.

Notice that search results will differ depending on the scope of your CRM display (leads or conversations). "Leads" are customers or website visitors who did not interact with you yet (no messages sent from their side), and "Conversations" are people who have already spoken to your virtual assistant or one of your live chat agents.

To switch the scope between leads and conversations use the dropdown list in the top panel of the Conversations page.

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