EMAIL block makes it easy to send emails to your chatbot users or admins.

Instead of sending emails from the Activechat domain (as the LEAD block does), the EMAIL block is using your own SMTP server. So, before you use that block, SMTP details should be set.

Go to Settings – Channels and click the gear icon in the “SMTP” tab to open SMTP settings. Enter your SMTP server credentials and click “Save”. You can get a complete manual on setting up your SMTP server here.

Once your SMTP server is set up, you can use the EMAIL block to send emails. It works exactly like any other messaging block in Activechat.

Please note that you can use attributes/variables anywhere in the EMAIL block – either as the recipient’s address or in the subject line and email body.

Do not forget to connect meaningful error handling sequence to the ERROR exit in the EMAIL block to prevent your users from seeing the generic error message from the _error system skill.

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