This block is used to send (generate) events. It does not break the flow and is just firing the event with the name and parameters specified. Other parts of your bot can “catch” this event and trigger conversation flows or “skills” that will handle it. The flow continues immediately to the next connected block (if any) after triggering the event. This allows the parallel execution of multiple skills (be careful with this feature!)

As seen in the example above, events are handy when you start connecting complex skills to bot menus. You can put the whole “Order pizza” functionality in a skill, and then just call that skill with SEND block when the user is pressing the “Order pizza” button. The same event can be tied to “Order pizza” intent in the natural language understanding module so that the user can start it with free-form speech. Note how the orders counter (we’ll get to DATA blocks soon) is updated every time the “ORDER” event is sent.

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